The End of an Era: Upgrade from QuickMove to MoveHQ


The QuickMove product has had a tremendous run. But, it’s time for all QuickMove users to upgrade to MoveHQ.

As you may know, QuickMove was written as a traditional client / server application and our core MoveHQ product is a web-based solution, hosted on the Amazon Cloud. Upgrading to MoveHQ does not require you to have a server, or any other special equipment in your office. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection! 

With the switch to MoveHQ, there are also a ton of new features that you’ll be able to leverage, including:

We know changing software systems can be challenging, but we’ve built a comprehensive self-service portal to get you started. When you access MoveHQ for the first time, a self-paced instructional guide will be available to guide you through the switch.

Support and updates for QuickMove will end effective February 28, 2020.

We’ll reach out to each QuickMove customer individually to schedule your migration to MoveHQ.



Q: When I upgrade to MoveHQ, what happens to my customer data?

One copy of QuickMove will be left on a machine of your choosing to reference for historical purposes.

Q: What about my local tariff setup? Will I have to set up my tariffs again?

Yes, MoveHQ offers a much more robust tariff-building tool than QuickMove. This upgraded format offers multiple local and intra tariff support, offering you the ability to architect specific pricing to better suit your business needs.

Q:  Will the mobile device work with the new application?

Yes, MoveHQ works with an updated version of our mobile application, called MoveHQ Survey. It’s chock full of new features that SurveyHD didn’t have.

Q: Will the new system cost me more money?

We’ll honor your current annual support cost for one MoveHQ user.  This will provide access to all of MoveHQ’s features – test drive and use whatever you’d like! Additional users are available for $99 per month, per user.

Q: What happens to my custom reports that I paid for?

Out of the box, MoveHQ offers logos and language options for standard interstate and local estimates/orders for service. This standard feature captures the vast majority of the document customization we built in the past. For anything more extensive than a company logo or basic language, the document would need to get re-quoted or use our in-application document tool to build your own custom document.

Q: How many users do I get in MoveHQ?

You’ll automatically receive one user, and each additional user costs $99 per user, per month.

Q:  Will this be installed on my server? Do I need to maintain an infrastructure?

No way. One of the best things about this upgrade to MoveHQ is that it lives in the cloud, saving you time and money.

Q:  How do I access the program day-to-day?

The program is accessible from the web, like many other apps and programs you likely use. Any personal computer with an internet connection and a current internet browser can access the application. That means, you can take it with you, on the go, wherever you go!

Q:  What new features can I access with MoveHQ?

There are a ton of new features including automated tasks and workflows, video surveys, integrated text messaging, access to Updater’s moving company marketplace, and much more!

Q: Do I get access to Updater’s moving company marketplace?

We thought you’d never ask! Yes, you absolutely do and can turn this on at any time. Updater services 25% of all US household moves and participating will allow those users to book your company for their move.

Q:  If I leave MoveHQ after a couple of years, what happens to my customer data?

We maintain data from cancelled accounts for 30 days after you terminate service. You have the ability to export data to a CSV file from each MoveHQ module.