Top 5 Customer Service Traits to Hire For at a Moving Company


If you need to hire more customer service representatives – you’ve come to the right resource.

It’s one thing to know that you need to hire, but another to figure out who to hire? Or, what traits you should look for when hiring.

In customer service, particularly in the moving industry where customers are often on edge, the ideal person must merge the company and move details with empathy. And, a smile.

The details and processes of a booked job can be taught, but it’s much harder to teach somehow how to empathize with a customer.

Here are five traits that you should look for when hiring for your customer service team. These will set your team up for success and give you an advantage over the competition:

1. Composure

Does the candidate handle high-pressure situations with control and a calm attitude? Does the candidate take responsibility for their actions? Can the candidate remain focused on projects?

2. Empathy ­

Can the candidate interact with many personality types? Does the candidate have their own moving stories that help them relate to our industry? Can the candidate advocate for the customer internally?

3. Problem Solving Skills

Problems will arise daily. Can the candidate draw conclusions from situations and solve the problems? Does the candidate proactively seek knowledge and answers instead of waiting for them?

4. Confidence

Does the candidate communicate confidence over the phone? Is their communication style strong and clear?

5. Creativity

Does the candidate display creativity in their problem-solving? When hit with an unknown situation, can they absorb what’s happening and find a solution for the customer?

As you build out your customer service team, keep in mind that you should hire in a way that builds a solid foundation for your company as you grow and open new locations. At MoveHQ, we like to hire leadership first and let them develop their team from the ground up.

In building your team, make sure you consider what levels of support you want to offer: do you want to simply provide online FAQs? Or, perhaps you’ll have only reactive agents who respond to a web form or phone call inquiries.

But, if you believe excellent customer service drives your business like we do, you’ll have proactive service – a group that identifies problems before the customer does. For example, this could mean reaching out to a customer who hasn’t followed up about the certificate of insurance documentation.

Proactively defining the traits you need to build a customer service team will help you to create an incredible customer service experience. Providing excellent service costs money, time, and effort, but the investment will undoubtedly increase your customer referrals and retention, helping your business grow and profit in the long run.