Top 11 Reasons a Moving Company CRM Will Help Your Business


You almost certainly have the same issues that most moving companies do, a lack of time and resources. For a growing moving company, these problems are magnified tenfold, particularly in the summer months.

There is good news, however! A solution exists that provides powerful tools for your company to make the most of every single minute: a moving company CRM.

CRM, or “Customer Relationship Management,” software is primarily used for tracking and executing interactions (calls, emails, surveys, etc.) with current and potential customers. All moving CRM’s perform basic tasks, collecting information such as name, email, contact information, location, company, and so on. But some moving CRM’s do much more, including MoveHQ’s CRM — HQ Sales.

From the basic moving software to the most powerful moving CRM’s, they are all extremely beneficial to a moving company’s bottom line. Here are 11 reasons why you should leverage moving software for your moving company.

1. Moving Software Centralizes Customer Information

When you’re able to quickly access information about customers, your life is much easier: the sales team asks better questions, the marketing team knows who to reach, management projects sales accurately, and more.

Let’s say you want to find out what a customer moved two months ago and which crew was on that job? A few clicks and you can instantly have access to all of that information. With moving company CRM software, there is no such thing as a missing or misplaced file.

2. Moving Software Opens Up Marketing Opportunities

A centralized database of customers will also provide you with powerful marketing opportunities to drive increased sales. For instance, in a lifetime, a person moves 11 times on average. With a moving CRM, re-marketing to them is as simple as reaching out to that group of customers most likely to move again soon.

There is an untapped pool of opportunities for you to capitalize on with your current client base that is virtually impossible to access without a moving company CRM to collect and organize vital information quickly and effectively.

3. Moving Software Allows Your Moving Company to Scale for Growth

The days of tracking leads and customers in spreadsheets are gone. Excel documents, or even pen and paper, may have worked when you had 3 or 4 leads per day. But once your company grows and you have hundreds of customers, inputting and tracking customer interactions manually is too laborious to be scaled up effectively. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 customers, finding the information you need within a moving company CRM is fast and effective.

A growing company inevitably leads to more employees as well. The old system may be fine for a 20-year veteran of the company, but training a new hire in the old ways is a monumental task with little payoff. The efficiency costs of hunting for files in a cabinet or searching through countless windows on your computer are killers in the low margin world of moving. A moving company CRM drastically cuts down training time because an intuitive interface keeps everything organized, updated, and easily accessible for both a seasoned employee and a new hire alike.

4. Moving Software Improves Your Company’s Communication and Processes

Are you ever curious about your sales team’s closing percentages or how you can grow your pipeline more quickly? Moving CRM’s are perfect for tracking, analyzing, and providing detailed reports on calls, emails, surveys, revenue booked, and other sales related numbers.

With a centralized and integrated moving company CRM, your entire company can easily keep track of a prospect's journey from start to finish. The ability to review, change, and optimize each customer interaction will ensure the best, and most efficient, process for converting leads into moves.

5. Moving Software Saves Time

Deciding to implement a moving company CRM is a big decision.

They cost money and time to set up, however, “one step backward, two steps forward” certainly applies for moving CRM’s. After the initial period of setup and training, you will wonder how you survived without it. Never having to file and find paperwork means that your entire company can spend less time searching, and more time focusing on what matters, creating tangible value.

When you eliminate paper and go digital with a moving company CRM, almost every process in the business is faster and more efficient.

6. Moving Software Allows You to Collect on Invoices Faster

Without a moving CRM, it often seems that it takes countless hours for paperwork to flow from the driver to the accounting department. With virtual documents, the time between the customer’s move to the time you can invoice them drops from weeks to minutes.

7. Moving Software Saves Money

Not only can you collect money more efficiently, but you can also save it as well. The moving process requires many documents, and almost all of them need signatures, lots and lots of signatures. Most moving companies still use the old school pen and paper method, some use software like DocuSign, but many of the innovative companies are now utilizing moving CRM’s that replace paper forms of all types for their moving company.

A moving CRM returns the cost of third-party software that provides specific services.

For example, a moving CRM can eliminate the cost of a custom document creator with certified e-signature capabilities (check out our moving company CRM, HQ Sales, for more information on our e-signatures).

8. Moving Software Saves the World

Ok, maybe a bit dramatic, but there is no doubt that paper consumption is taking a massive toll on the environment. In an increasingly eco-friendly world, green moving companies are gaining more traction. 81% of consumers say they will make personal sacrifices for environmental issues.

That means they are willing to pay more when they see a company that reflects their eco-friendly values.

We’ve already outlined how ditching paper can make your work more efficient, but how about the raw material costs you’ll save for your company?

Offices in the United States use 12.1 trillion sheets of paper per year, according to a study done by Statistic Brain, and about 45% of paper printed every day ends up in the trash. That isn’t good! Wasted resources are not only a drain on your wallet but also the environment.

9. Moving Software Helps You Make Better Decisions

Having the intelligence and data that a moving company CRM provides will help your moving company grow and scale more than any other piece of sales or marketing software in the industry. The ability to see all of your moving companies relevant numbers in a fully customizable dashboard view will give you fast and actionable insights about where your attention needs to be on a day-to-day basis.

A moving company CRM is an invaluable tool for managers to evaluate employees, but also for employees to showcase their successes. If a particular salesperson is thriving or struggling, a CRM provides the insights to see what processes could be improved or emulated to increase performance across the organization.

10. Moving Software Simplifies the Survey Process

You can stop wasting time and resources traveling to and from a customer’s home to perform a survey without a moving company CRM. Instead, engage the customer, live, in a two-way video survey such as HQ Survey, provided by HQ Sales.

Most moving CRM’s will enable your sales team to make the survey process more efficient and cost-effective to help with your bottom line, and improve the customer experience.

11. Moving Software Generates Fast and Accurate Quotes

With a moving company CRM, you will be able to generate quotes in minutes, rather than days. With the help of the improved survey processes, as well as complex tariff rating services, your sales team will be empowered to provide accurate, real-time quotes for customers on the spot with just a few clicks.

With a moving company CRM, you save time and hassle for both your moving company and your customers. When customers are happy, everyone wins.

Eliminating manual and tedious processes that rely on people passing paper from person to person will drastically reduce waste in both time and resources. Incremental improvements can make a significant impact, so it stands to reason that substantial improvements that come along with implementing moving software will change the entire landscape of your company for the better.

Show your customers you thought of everything and get on board with moving company CRM’s.

For more information on our moving CRM, HQ Sales, and the first-of-its-kind features we’ve built for the moving industry click here.