Movers – How to Win Reviews & Leverage Social Proof

When it comes to promoting your moving company, the most successful tool in your toolbox is likely word-of-mouth. Without the right marketing tools, however, great service and reputation can often go unnoticed.

You take great pride in your company, and it pays off – so, your awesome reviews deserve to be shouted from the rooftops! But, it’s tough to know where to start. Let us be your guide.

Email to Past Customers for Feedback

First things first, make sure you send a personalized email to past customers, requesting detailed feedback about their move. This should always be more than just a survey, but don’t make it complicated. Your customers need to be able to do this favor for you without feeling like they’re putting in work.

Ask them pointed questions about their experience, geared specifically toward the exact kind of service you provided. Make sure to ask about their customer service experience as well, so you can then use accumulated positive feedback as a strategy to incentivize your workers. For example, send cupcakes to all teammates who are positively mentioned in reviews and feedback.

Timely sending of your note is crucial: aim to send it out directly after the move is completed, but no more than three days after. Otherwise, people will forget, and your crew’s wonderful work risks going undocumented!

An optimal tool for this is SurveyMonkey – a service that makes creating and sending surveys very user-friendly and automated, as well as tracks of all the responses in one convenient place instead of over email.

Here are two versions of email feedback requests we suggest for your use:


Hi [Customer Name],  

From the entire [Company Name] team, thank you for letting us move you.

Smooth, quality moves aren’t something you experience every day. To that end, if you had a top-notch experience, we’d love to know. And, if you didn’t, we’d REALLY love to know.

Will you take a brief, [#]-question survey about your experience?

[Survey Link]

Your feedback will help us know how we’re doing, and ensure we provide all customers with the best service in [City].

Thanks so much in advance,

[Your Name]


Dear [Customer Name],

From the entire [Company Name] team, thank you for letting us move you.

In order to continue delivering the best possible service to our customers, we’d like to hear about your experience.

Was a member of our team particularly helpful? Was there something that could have been improved? Please let us know your thoughts in the #-question survey below.

[Survey Link]

Thank you in advance for your time.


[Your Name]

Personalize Your Signature and Brand

Your customers realize that behind every successful job, there’s a specific crew who got the job done.

So when sending your email, make sure that you’re very clear about who it’s from. Personalization is crucial here – just because you’re not speaking with your customers face to face doesn’t mean you can appear any less professional or put-together.

Your email reflects your brand and is a direct representation of you, so sign it from the crew, sign it from the salesperson, just don’t sign it from marketing. Make sure it always includes your contact info, logo, and signature!

Shift Your Feedback Into Website Content

Your company generated fantastic, raving reviews. Great – now what?

This is the perfect time, and a great opportunity to turn that content into blog posts, website content, a monthly newsletter, or maybe even a satisfied customer page.

You’ll want to edit the content if needed, thank your customer, and maybe even ask for a family photo or new home photo to spice it up a bit! When it comes to titling your post, try and keep it catchy and informative. For example, "7 Reasons Why Customers Love Moving with [Your Brand].”

It can also be a good idea to connect your Yelp profile and reviews to your website as a way for your customers to have access to outside reviews of your company. Potential customers like to see feedback from a few outside sources when they’re making their decision, and Yelp makes it easy with fun, customizable widgets.

Create Complementary Social Proof Collateral

Once you get the feedback, you need to distribute it to your past customers, as well as potential ones. Do you use email, online ads, or social media? Or, maybe you have different distribution channels? You can then put together a promotion plan displaying all the great feedback you collected.

Always have some extra content on hand when you need to add some sparkle to your page: videos, graphics, social graphics, an eBook, or a case study are just some examples that you can use in your marketing. And, finally, make sure your wonderful feedback can always be viewed on your website! If it’s not visible, it didn’t happen!