Do you want more Yelp reviews?

As a professional moving company, you know that your customers’ online reviews can make or break business. But, soliciting a customer review is not always easy, nor appreciated.

Don't succumb to leaving positive online reviews to the good faith of your customers. It’s 100% acceptable to ask your customers to "view your Yelp page" or "leave their thoughts" on their customer experience without directly asking for a review.

The hard part, of course, is finding the right way to ask. That's why we've created a simple email template that doesn’t directly ask for a customer review, but will inspire your customers to at least click through and consider it. Give it a go - get ready to start piling on those prized online referrals!

Hi << NAME >>,

Thanks again for choosing to move with us! It was great to hear about your <<positive moving experience from the team>>. We really appreciate your feedback as a customer, and we use it to improve how we do business.

Most of our customers discover us through online reviews or on websites like Yelp, so please check out our Yelp page. Thanks again for working with us -- hope you’re settling into your new place nicely!

<< URL to your moving company’s Yelp site >>