9 Creative Ways to Engage Your Customers


You did it! The move is booked, the crew is scheduled, the boxes were delivered, and your customer is well on his way to new-home bliss.

You’re confident that your company made a stellar impression, but you want to ensure that you stay top-of-mind after the move and secure that prized 5-star review.

How can you go the extra mile at this point?

Well, let’s understand our customers first. They booked a professional moving company, which means they came to you because they didn’t want to do the heavy lifting themselves, were crunched for time, or just want to avoid hassles and headaches!

Therefore, you have all you need to know to surprise and delight them post-booking and be well on your way to that 5-star review. Here are a few ideas for going exceeding expectations, knowing why they came to you in the first place:

1. Offer help interpreting the Bill of Lading

No customers know how to read this document. Print a card with customer tips, write a blog post about it, make a phone call about it, etc. 

2. Offer Pre-Marked Tape that Marks Each Room Clearly or On a Different Color Tape

This will save them a hassle and save your team time. Most consumers have never seen this tape – it will make them smile, I guarantee it.

3. Provide Your Customers with a Pre-Moving Day Checklist of Places to Check for Final Items that Often Get left Behind

Inevitably, something is left behind at the old home (the closet in the attic, the hidden nook under the stairs, etc.). They will thank you later!

4. Offer a “Wake Up Package” for Early Morning Moves

Include a friendly wake up call with an ETA, breakfast, and a hot cup of coffee. Remember, the customer’s coffee maker is already packed – this could even be an additional revenue-driving service.

5. Thank Them for Their Business With a Housewarming Gift

Never underestimate the power of the personal touch. A nice bowl with your company’s logo on it, a set of monogrammed cards with their new address, a discount on babysitting services, etc.

6. Stay Active on Social Media

Tweet it. Post it. Like it. Whatever you do, stay active on social media to engage with your currently booked clients, as well as past and future clients. It’s a great way to not only build your online presence, but also engage and make customers feel important. A post-move, 140-character Tweet could take 60 seconds to write and mean the difference between receiving a glowing referral and sinking into the recesses of your customer’s memory.

7. Offer Updater

As a digital moving concierge and moving app, Updater is a win-win for everyone. You’ll deliver a suite of useful services that you already know they need and will likely generate that 5-star review. Use those reviews in your marketing campaigns.

8. Organize Your Customers and Leads in HQ Sales or Your CRM 

That way, you can easily stay in touch with new leads, let old clients know what your company is up to, and drive referral marketing programs.

9. Partner with a Reputable Local Cleaning Company

After your crew leaves and boxes start getting unpacked, the new house is going to be a mess. And, no one wants to live in a mess. Partner with a trustworthy cleaning company and offer a few dollars off their first cleaning.

With these tips, you are ready to start delighting your booked customers and packing on the prospects. Your communication after the job is booked presents a unique opportunity to stand out on a regular basis, so capitalize on it.

Just remember: be true to your brand and send gracious, open-hearted communications that show care for your customers’ moves.