MoveIQ: Qualification Standards and Policies for Participating Moving Companies


1. Before we get started...

Understanding how MoveHQ and Updater work together is important. Here are a few definitions to make sure we’re all on the same page.

  • MoveHQ: MoveHQ is the technology company, wholly-owned by Updater, that provides software solutions to the moving and storage industry.

  • MoveHQ Engagement: MoveHQ Engagement is a product that moving companies can purchase from MoveHQ.

  • MoveIQ: MoveIQ is the comparison marketplace feature within MoveHQ Engagement. Moving companies enter their company details into MoveIQ via MoveHQ; those details are then displayed to Updater users who are searching for a moving company. Updater users can reserve a move with you directly on Updater. MoveHQ is responsible for establishing the policies that oversee the MoveIQ marketplace.

  • Concierge (“Updater”): Updater is the technology company that offers a digital moving concierge to help consumers organize and complete their moving tasks, including reserving a moving company. Updater is also the parent company to MoveHQ.

2. MoveIQ: Qualification Standards

2.1. “Updater Certified” Status:

All participants in the MoveIQ marketplace are required to maintain Updater Certified Moving Company status. To maintain this status, all participants must:

(a) Be insured for according to the type of cargo they carry. Updater follows FMCSA standards, which can be found at

(b) Be American Moving & Storage Association members or members of a local/state moving trade association. As members of AMSA or a state association, all Updater Certified Moving Companies agree to abide by the AMSA Code of Ethics, which includes promises to:

(i) Consistently offer the most efficient and reliable moving and storage services available, while adhering strictly to a policy of truth, honesty, integrity, and fairness in all business transactions

(ii) Promote the elimination of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation and unethical practices within the industry

(iii) Consistently strive for improvement in all facets of industry operations

(iv) Be conscious and considerate of consumer needs and to continually promote the progress, fraternity, education, and dignity of the moving industry

(v) Maintain the highest concern for the health, welfare, and safety of employees

(c) Only use their legal DBA name in the marketing campaigns, verified via FMCSA’s SAFER database or MoveHQ independent research

(d) Maintain positive ratings with the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, and Updater Reviews.

(e) Offer Updater’s moving concierge services to their customers, showcasing their commitment to excellent customer service

2.2. Positive Quality Rating:

MoveHQ will maintain a Quality Rating for each participating moving company. Moving companies must maintain a favorable rating to remain as a participant in MoveIQ. This rating will be based on an algorithm that takes into account:

(a) Updater User feedback collected by surveys. After the move is completed, each Updater User will receive a survey with the following questions:

(i) How would you rate<moving company's> communication?

(ii) How would you rate<moving company's> professionalism?

(iii) How would you rate<moving company> on cost?

(iv) Did <moving company> take good care of your belongings?
(v) Would you recommend <moving company> to a friend?
(vi) What tips about <moving company> do you have for other movers?

(b) Third-party reviews

(c) Company statistics (fleet size, years in business, etc.)

(d) MoveHQ will also assess moving companies across several dimensions, including, but not limited to:

(e) Customer service

(f) Timeliness

(g) Damages/claims

(h) Accuracy of original quote

(i) Number of cancellations initiated by moving company

(j) Price/value

All moving companies will have the opportunity to address negative ratings/comments via an appeal and review process.

3. MoveIQ Policies

MoveHQ and Updater are delivering the industry’s best consumer experience, and we expect that our moving partners do the same. By participating in the MoveIQ marketplace, we expect all service providers to maintain high Quality Ratings and agree to the following rules and policies:

3.1. Pricing:

(a) Prices are generated by the MoveHQ local pricing system based on the inventory and service requirements provided by the moving company and the self-survey completed by the Updater User. This price is based on the exact items to be moved and service requirements provided by the Updater User during the self-survey process. Pricing cannot change unless there is a material change to the items to be moved or the service requirements. If the price changes, you must email with a copy of the new estimate and the reason for the change.

(b) You are responsible for the data entry and management of your pricing variables, rates, etc.

(c) You are responsible for the data entry and management of your availability.

(d) You agree to log in and confirm/update your availability at least once every 48 hours.

(e) You will define the market or radius of service by providing a list of 5-digit zip codes. By defining this market, you agree that you are authorized to perform moving services within this area and comply with any local or state rules and or regulations.

(f) You agree that the pricing provided includes all charges for any materials, consumables, and equipment to perform the moving services.

(g) If the Updater User changes the items to be moved or service requirements, you agree that you will document changes, notify the Updater User as well as MoveHQ (via an email to of the changes and any associated price adjustments, and execute the move if you and the Updater User mutually agree to the new price.

3.2. Communication with Updater Users:

(a) Customer service is always the top priority. A dedicated contact at your company is required to assist MoveHQ and/or the Updater User between your business hours. The contact should update availability and pricing fields regularly and ensure moves are properly tracked through completion. An after-hours emergency contact needs to be provided to MoveHQ for any issues that arise.

(b) You agree to contact the Updater User within 24 hours of receiving the reservation to confirm the details of the move. If you are unable to reach the Updater User within 72 hours of the reservation being made, please notify MoveHQ immediately at

(c) You agree to provide the Updater User with the necessary state or local regulated estimate or order for service within 48 hours of receiving the reservation.

(d) You agree to contact the Updater User at least 24 hours prior to the day of their move to confirm details including the start time, on the day of their move to make sure they are happy with the services being performed, and within 48 hours after the move is finished as a quality control follow up. You agree to reply to any Updater User issue or inquiry within 4 hours during normal business hours.

(e) You agree to update the status of each move within the MoveHQ platform as the move is reserved, confirmed, completed or canceled within 24 hours.

3.3. Communication with Updater:

(a) You agree to respond to Updater within 4 hours during normal business hours regarding any service issue, customer feedback, or Updater User complaint.

(b) You agree to respond to Updater within 8 hours during after-hours regarding any service issue, customer feedback, or Updater User complaint.

3.4. Cancellations:

(a) A reservation is an expectation that service will be provided to the Updater User; reservations canceled by the moving company will impact your MoveHQ Quality Rating.

(b) If you cancel a move within five days of the load date:

(i) You will be subject to a cancellation fee of 2 move credits and will be removed from the MoveIQ marketplace for a period of 14 days.

(ii) You will receive a warning from MoveHQ.

(iii) If you cancel two moves within five days of the load date within a 90-day period, you will be removed from MoveIQ.


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