MoveIQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Basics

  • How do I set up my MoveIQ account?

    Your company will set up an account in MoveHQ. A Client Onboarding Coordinator will guide you through every step. Within your MoveIQ account you’ll enter:

    • -Company information to create a profile (logo, services you provide, etc.)
    • -Your rates for local moves
    • -Your availability
    • -Your contact info

    See the “The Basics” section below or join us for a daily product tour for additional information.

  • How will Updater users reserve a move with my company?

    This functionality exists within Updater, a tool that helps users complete moving-related tasks. After filling out a virtual cube sheet, the user will see options for several moving companies that can service their move. They will have the opportunity to explore each company's profile and see pricing for several days around their stated move date. If a user chooses to reserve their move with your company on the Updater platform, your company will be notified via email as well as within MoveIQ. Your company is then responsible for calling the user to collect payment details and complete the transaction. Your company will then log in to MoveIQ to change the status of the move from reserved to confirmed. After the move, your company will log in to MoveIQ to change the status from confirmed to complete, or, in the case of a cancellation, canceled.

  • How will Updater determine which order to display moving companies?

    Each moving company will have a quality rating calculated by a proprietary Updater algorithm. This algorithm is based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to: third-party reviews, AMSA certifications, number of years in business, and the number of moves complete through the platform. Each moving company quote will have an Updater value score. The value score lets the user know the value of the moving company quotes for a given day. Value score is a combination of quality ratings and the price of the move. The higher the value score on the user’s move date, the higher the moving company will be displayed on the page.

  • What types of moves will be serviced?

    Updater users have homes in all shapes and sizes! For MoveIQ today, only local moves for homes two bedrooms and under will be serviced through our intelligent quoting technology. If an Updater user is moving long distance, has a three or more bedroom home, or whose cube sheet exceeds 6,000 lbs, they will be prompted to request an in-home estimate with the company(s) of their choosing. Of course, we will recommend your company in this scenario if you have availability on their move date.

  • How is the pricing that is displayed to Updater users determined?

    Pricing is based on the MoveHQ local pricing system. This price is based on the exact items to be moved, information about the origin and destination addresses such as accessorial information, and levels of service identified by the Updater user during the self-survey process. Pricing cannot change unless there is a material change to the items to be moved or level of service. If price changes, then it needs to be documented with reasons why in a report filed with MoveHQ/Updater within 24 hours of delivery.

  • What happens if a move is reserved and the customer cancels within five businesses days of the load date?

    If a move is reserved and the customer cancels the move within five business days of the load date, you will retain the deposit made for that move, contingent on any state or federal consumer regulations and or policies.

  • Will Updater collect user reviews?

    Yes, Updater will use these reviews as a data point to inform what order moving companies are displayed in Updater. These reviews can also be seen in the moving company’s profile shown to Updater users and publicly on Updater’s website.

  • If my company has multiple locations, can I offer location-specific pricing?

    Yes. Simply let your onboarding coordinator know!

  • How to Get Setup

  • Is there a checklist to assist in the onboarding process?

    Yes, there is! Find it here.

  • How do I log in to my MoveIQ account?

    To log in for the first time, you’ll need the login username and password provided to you via email. Otherwise, visit my.movehq.com and sign in with your login information. If you are a MoveIQ-only user you will automatically be brought to the MoveIQ homepage. If you are a user of another MoveHQ product, you’ll be taken to your MoveHQ homepage.

    For more information, check out this guide.

  • How do I set up my company information?

    From the MoveIQ homepage, click on Company Information and select Edit. You’ll then be able to see all the editable company information fields. Be sure to click Save after making your edits.

    For more information, check out this guide.

  • How do I manage my calendar availability?

    From the MoveIQ homepage, click on Automated Pricing Calendar. On this page, you can select Unavailable, Standard, or Premium for any date. See below for definitions of each:

    • Unavailable – Will remove all capacity for moves on that specific day. This is color coded using gray.

    • Standard – Will utilize the standard hourly rate that you set for the specific job. This is color coded using green.

    • Premium – Will use a premium percentage increase that you set over the standard hourly rate. Your company may use this as capacity becomes limited, on holidays if applicable, or even during high-volume rates such as the end of the month. This is color coded using yellow. NOTE: You do not need to use the Premium setting to define Saturday/Sunday pricing unless you’d like the additional premium rate to be added to your weekend rates. You will set up your weekend rates in Tariff Rules that will automatically be added to Saturdays and Sundays labeled Standard.

    For more information, check out this guide.

  • How do I set up hourly pricing for my company?

    From the MoveIQ homepage, click on Tariff Services. To set up pricing, you’ll need to first add a tariff (NOTE: If your company services multiple states locally, you’ll need to create a different tariff for each state). To add a tariff, click on Add Local Tariff on the top left. Enter the Tariff’s state and name the Tariff accordingly (i.e., “New York Tariff” or “New Jersey Tariff”). Once the tariff is created, click on Effective Dates on the right (note: the effective date is automatically set to the date you create the tariff and is not editable). Click on the date, then click Tariff Services on the right and you’ll be shown three pricing categories that you can click into to edit your pricing: Local Moving - Hourly Set, Local Packing - CWT, and Valuation - Charge Per $100.

    For more information, check out this guide.

  • How do I set up premium pricing and additional charges for my company?

    From the MoveIQ homepage, click Tariff Services and then click on the correct Tariff if you have more than one. From there, click Tariff Rules on the right and add a tariff rule by clicking Add Tariff Rule on the top left. Make sure that the tariff rules are associated with the correct tariff, and edit any fields as necessary. Fields in this section include the following: average weight per man per hour, maximum hours per man, job minimum, travel time, mileage limit, premium charges, charges for flights of stairs/elevators, etc.

    For more information, check out this guide.
    From the MoveIQ homepage, click on Tariff Services and click on the correct tariff. On the right, click on Service Areas. To make it easy for you, we’ve built a search-by-city feature that allows you to enter in the cities and states that you service and it will generate all of the zip codes in that city. From there, you can select all and/or individually check and uncheck each zip code that you service. Don’t forget to save any zip codes you apply!

  • How do I delete zip codes from my service areas?

    After you’ve saved any zip codes, simply click on the trashcan icon next to the zip codes you would like to remove from your service areas.

    For more information, check out this guide.

  • How will my company be notified when a move is reserved?

    Any email addresses added to the Email Notifications field in the Company Info section will be notified immediately. The contact info, inventory sheet, and details of the reservation will also appear in the Opportunities section which you can access from the MoveIQ homepage.

  • An Updater user reserved a move with my company - now what?

    When a move is reserved, someone from your company must contact the Updater user within 24 hours of the reservation in order to confirm the reservation, collect payment information, determine a time for the move, and gather any additional details your company may need. It is extremely important that you then mark the opportunity as confirmed (or canceled if applicable) within your MoveIQ account - this will notify the customer that their move is officially booked with your company and the status will appear in their Updater account.

    For more information, check out this guide.