What is the Updater Concierge?

Let’s state the obvious: your customers are moving.

Let’s state more of the obvious: most of your customers will also need to handle other tasks besides the physical move (things like setting up internet service, transferring insurance, updating their address, forwarding mail, etc.).

You already know that your customers will need to tackle those things, so why not help them with it?

Sold as part of our HQ Engagement package, Updater’s Concierge is a digital, all-in-one tool built to help your customers tackle all of the above (and more), solving the unique challenges of the moving process. Your customers can do everything in one place. Best yet? It’s branded for your company to add extra value to your service.

What exactly is Updater’s Concierge?

Updater is the nation’s leading moving app, and our parent company. The two software systems integrate to provide a suite of moving tools that will save your customers an average of 9 hours managing moving-related tasks such as updating their accounts, forwarding mail, connecting TV and internet services, and saving money on exclusive deals. Powered by efficiency and the innovation to solve painful and costly problems, Updater’s moving concierge streamlines the moving process by helping movers tackle all of their tasks in one centralized location.

Customers receive a dynamic experience which changes based on the specifics of their particular move. Urgent tasks are prioritized to make sure movers are completing the most important tasks first.


What exactly can movers do with Updater’s Concierge?

As the one-stop-shop to organize and complete moving-related tasks, Updater’s Concierge assists your customers with the following:

  • Comparing internet and TV packages, setting up service, and scheduling installation appointments

  • Updating accounts and records with their new address

  • Setting up utilities including gas, electric and water

  • Transferring and securing insurance policies

  • Forwarding mail with the USPS

  • Sending digital moving announcements to friends and family

  • Saving money with Updater-negotiated exclusive offers

How exactly does it work?

Accessing Updater’s concierge is not just for anyone – people need to be invited to access the app. Therefore, the only way that your customers can access it is… through you!

With your purchase of HQ Engagement, Updater’s Concierge is automatically included. After that, we sync your core move management software (if not MoveHQ) to ours and invite your customers at the perfect time before their move. We require an integration so that your team doesn’t need to individually invite each customer to the Concierge – you have more important things to do.

Set your company apart from competition

The powerful technology of Updater’s Concierge saves your customers valuable time, which in turn reflects positively on your moving company’s brand. The easier you make your customers’ lives during a move, the more fondly they’ll remember you. By the end of their move, their customer satisfaction will drive value to your business. After all, we all know the best referrals come from happy customers.

See firsthand what HQ Engagement and Updater’s Concierge can do to transform your customer experience and differentiate your services. Request a demo today.