Welcome to HQ Sales: A faster way to close leads.

We are excited to announce that HQ Sales has officially launched!

Never before has managing a prospect's journey from start to finish been as effortless as it is using HQ Sales.

With the most powerful software in the industry, you will have the ability to easily view customer information, create and automate tasks and reminders, manage your sales pipeline, and more to ensure the most effective process to convert leads into customers.

How will a CRM help your company?

How many hours have you spent filing or searching for improperly filed paperwork, and scrambling for missing folders only to find them sitting on a coworkers desk? Probably a lot... With an effective CRM, or “Customer Relationship Management” system, all of the critical pieces about a customer, account, quoted inventory and more can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Whether that’s tracking down more customers, or giving the best service to your current ones, access to information will enable every employee in the organization to make the most out of each shift and each day.

Admittedly, deciding to implement a CRM is a big decision. However, after the initial period of setup and training, you will wonder how you survived without it. Eliminating a huge chunk, if not all, of your paperwork, means that your entire company can spend less time searching, and more time focusing on what matters, creating tangible value.

Manage a prospect's journey from start to finish with our lead management module.

Within HQ Sales, Manage your moving company’s CRM lead management process for all of your business lines including household goods, national account, commercial, and O&I. You can also utilize MoveHQ’s powerful Workflow Engine to automate Scheduling, emails, and SMS (texting) to quickly convert the leads to customers.


Survey from the comfort of your home.

You can stop wasting time and resources traveling to and from a customer’s home to perform a survey without a CRM. Instead, engage the customer, live, in a two-way video survey from your desk with LiveSurvey, a mobile application that lives within HQ Sales. Compatible with iOS and Android, personally guide the customer thru the survey process and finish an in-home survey and estimate with just a few clicks in real-time.

Generate fast and accurate quotes.

HQ Sales is powered by our rating engines delivering the most comprehensive tariff rating service ever, driven by our advanced custom tariff manager. Estimating is available throughout the sales process and gives you the ability to create and manage tariffs unlike any other CRM in the industry.

With HQ Sales, save time and hassle for both your moving company and your customers. When customers are happy, everyone wins.

At MoveHQ, we aim to eliminate problems that the industry has historically deemed to be inevitabilities. The time has come to ditch the pen and paper!

Show your customers you thought of everything and get on board with HQ Sales.

HQ Sales is available for moving companies of all shapes and sizes. If you want to be a part of it, reach out to us at www.movehq.com/contact or email us at contactus@movehq.com

To learn more about all of the HQ Sales features, click here.