Republic Moving and Storage Praises HQ Engagement


Ever work with a business that knows how to deliver an “old school” touch while also providing modern technology experiences to their customers?

… We have! Our amazing partner, San Diego-based Republic Moving and Storage, has over 60 years (phew!) of experience in the business – but, they also know how important it is to incorporate modern technology into their service offerings (including Updater’s concierge!) to provide their customers with the best experience possible.

We caught up with Gary Bell, Republic Moving and Storage’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, to learn how his team has used Updater’s concierge. Check out our key takeaways below!

What kind of impact has offering Updater’s concierge made on your sales team? How are they working it into conversation to close leads?

“The MoveHQ does a great job of providing talking points, marketing materials, and email templates to help our sales team spread the word about Updater’s concierge. So, our sales team mentions Updater’s concierge to each and every customer, and they hand out all the marketing collateral that MoveHQ gives to us. We also email the customers to inform them about what to expect next as they prepare for their move – including their email invitation to Updater’s concierge.”

Describe why you feel that working with Updater’s concierge has been successful for Republic.

“Being able to offer something as helpful as Updater’s concierge to our customers at absolutely no cost to them is a huge benefit. It's a major differentiator in making us more competitive with other moving companies that are also offering technology services to help their customers.”

How would you describe your overall experience offering Updater’s concierge?

“Everyone at MoveHQ has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I have to say, though, the program is so simple and so trouble-free that I haven’t had to ask too many questions! I wish I had more excuses to say hello to them all, but when everything goes as smoothly as it has so far, there really isn't any reason to reach out often."

To learn more about Updater’s concierge for your business, click the link below.