Olympia and Updater — Providing Increased Personalization for Customer

Olympia Moving & Storage is a residential and commercial moving company. As an agent for Wheaton World Wide, Olympia moves families across the country and world.  For decades, Olympia has consistently raised the bar for customer service in the industry, boasting an impressive 95% satisfaction rate from their customers.

We caught up with Rachael Fischer Lyons, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Olympia, to hear how their adoption of MoveIQ helps them increase their personalization efforts and provide an exceptional first-class experience.

Tell us a little about Olympia Moving & Storage. What makes your company unique?

We are a fast-growing company, which makes it an exciting place to work. We have a very talented team — from crews to office — that takes pride in providing the best service, while genuinely caring for our clients. One of the challenges of Olympia’s continued growth is maintaining a process that puts the client first. We are always challenging the industry status quo to improve.

I think Olympia has found a great balance between technology and personalization in our moving experience. We give our clients instant transparency and information via our automated emails, moving portal, and move planning center. Every client is also assigned a dedicated move consultant and coordinator. These team members plan a personalized move for our customers that is based on their specific needs. They are also always just a phone call away to answer questions and guide our customers through their relocation process.

Why did you decide to adopt MoveIQ?

We have been an Updater client for many years and love the value-add it provides to our clients. It fits perfectly with Olympia’s philosophy of providing an experience that goes beyond just picking up boxes. When the MoveHQ team approached us about MoveIQ, we were eager to give it a try. MoveHQ was approaching the market in a unique way. We were confident that they’d find innovative ways to ensure the reservations we receive are high quality and a good fit for our company and our process.


Describe your onboarding experience for us and what it’s been like working with the MoveHQ Success Team?

From the onset, the MoveHQ Team worked with us so they understood what Olympia needed as a business. Then, using this information to inform their product, they provided the entire gambit of training — webinars, instructions that were easy for us to distribute to our team, and a point-of-contact I could email with questions or specific needs. The MoveHQ Success Team is great at communicating and always reaches out with proactive updates on the product or to ask our feedback on how it’s working for us.

Compared to customers you’ve acquired either via your own website or via other marketing channels, how do MoveIQ reservations stack up?

Not long after we started working with MoveIQ, my sales team was asking me how we can get more MoveIQ reservations! Believe me, that never happens! Usually, they are asking me to get rid of leads from other websites. MoveIQ reservations are much more qualified. First, customers have already selected Olympia from among other options, so they are already familiar with the company by the time we get in touch. They are also more ready to book, which my sales team loves because they can spend less time quoting and more time booking.

What do you think the future of customer acquisition in the industry looks like with MoveIQ? Will it help?

It’s an always-changing balance to give clients the exact amount of information they need to make a purchasing decision in the moving industry. I believe if we give customers accurate information when they want it, the more successful we will be. That includes pricing, quality indicators, and whether the company is the right fit for them. MoveHQ understands this, and they are constantly experimenting to give both customers and moving companies what they need.


Last but not least, where do you see technology for the moving industry in 15 years?

Ten years ago, the moving industry was behind in embracing technology, but now change is happening fast. It’s fantastic to see many great solutions coming in to fill the technology gap. We will continue to see the technology sector of this industry grow quickly in the next few years.

I think that we’re going to see advancements in the inventory process to make it faster for crews and to provide more information on the condition of the shipment. I also hope there will be improvements in shipment tracking to make the relocation process more transparent for customers. I bet we will have self-driving trucks on the road within the next 15 years, which will put the emphasis on the quality of the teams at origin and destination. Whatever happens, I hope to see the innovation coming from within the industry. I also hope there are lots of changes that are too cool for me to predict!