How Moving Companies Can Be Smart Marketers

The days of billboards and magazine ads as our primary source of advertising are gone. Buying, selling, and advertising happens on small screens these days — all with a few clicks. And while that’s great news for smartphone-wielding consumers, it can be difficult for moving companies to keep up with today’s marketing trends.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tried-and-true methods you can use to better market your moving company today — whether your team is small or simply looking for new ways to spread the word.

Give the People What They Want

When you ask people for their email address or phone number — whatever the purpose, whether they’re signing up for a promotion or getting an online quote — the key is to always offer an equal value exchange. If you provide customers with information or a service they appreciate, they spread the word to future customers.

Customer self-service portals are also useful for this reason. If you have a help section on your website where customers can interact with one another, not only do you free up your customer service reps for more strategic operations; you also enable customers to share their experiences in a place your company can easily moderate.


Always Include a Call to Action

Good writing alone isn’t enough to influence a buying decision. A great call to action (CTA) is what moves people deeper into the sales funnel. Your latest promotional email may as well be a picture book if it doesn’t empower people to choose your moving company over a competitor.

Keep it simple! Always include “contact us” or “get a quote” buttons and easy-to-fill-out forms on your most-visited website pages. Tell people why they should choose your moving company, and then make it easy for them to do so. Also, a mobile-first website is an absolute must. 


Maintain Your Online Reputation

People use online review sites to inform their decisions. There’s no better (or more cost-effective!) way to manage and improve your online reputation than by actively participating on your company’s Yelp page. Not only will it boost your overall star rating on Yelp; responding to reviewers shows that you care about the level of service you provide.


Use Social Media

All too often, moving companies miss out on a much larger audience by ignoring social media. While they can be helpful, emails and newsletters aren’t always your best bet. Social media allows you to show off your company’s unique brand, engage with customers, and even solve customer service problems in real time. The lesson here is simple: Know your audience, and meet them where they are.