How Moving Companies Benefit from ProMover Certification

Imposters, rogue operators, jerks — whatever you call them, the moving industry unfortunately has some bad apples. To make matters worse, these con artists give legitimate moving companies a bad rap.

So, what are reputable moving companies to do to set themselves apart? Aside from providing impeccable customer service, getting certified as an AMSA ProMover with the American Moving and Storage Association allows reputable moving companies (like yours!) to generate business from customers looking for reliable movers. Here's why ProMover certification is worth your while:

Earn the Trust of Your Customers

First and foremost, ProMover certification isn't just a logo to slap on marketing materials and websites. When you receive AMSA certification, you're making a promise to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and customer service, for both your company and your customers (AMSA holds you to it!). As a ProMover, you'll implicitly earn the trust and business of movers, who know that ProMovers stand for some of the most ethical, customer-centric companies in the industry.

Unlock Educational Opportunities

As a ProMover, you'll have access to tons of certification, training, and leadership programs that will help you go above and beyond the competition. If paying for the training is an issue, fear not! The Moving and Storage Institute branch of AMSA offers funding support for training events, and even offers scholarships for individuals interested in the business side of moving and storage. 


Connect With Leading Moving Companies in the Industry

Whether it's the annual AMSA Conference or having your company (and its ProMover certification) listed in AMSA's Professional Sourcebook, your ProMover membership gives you plenty of options to connect with other movers around the country and learn more about industry best practices and trends.

Who doesn't love a discount?

Uniforms, lodging, office supplies, moving trucks — the costs of being a mover add up quickly. Luckily, ProMovers have access to tons of discounts at Aramark, Motel 6, Office Depot, and Penske, among many other companies. According to AMSA, these discounts can make your membership fee pay for itself!

You already know that your moving company upholds the highest business and ethical standards. Getting ProMover certified not only makes it AMSA-official, but offers plenty of perks for your company, your employees, and your marketing strategy. Be gone, rogue operators!