One Solution for Your Moving Company, From Lead to Invoice

Many moving companies have the same problems with razor thin margins and outdated tech. The entire process of completing a move is much more complicated than people tend to think, from both the moving company and the customer’s perspective.

At MoveHQ we set out to simplify the process from both ends, for customers and especially for the moving companies.

We created the first software solution specifically designed to help companies in the moving and storage industry optimize their workflows and made it our mission to revolutionize the industry through technology.

HQ Engagement

With never-before-seen features in the industry like MoveIQ – an intelligent quoting system like Kayak or Expedia – we are able to bring customers directly to moving companies, streamlining the booking process. Also, with our parent company, Updater, we offer a personalized concierge service to help customers tackle all of their burdensome moving tasks in minutes instead of hours, helping you attract more customers and delight them with revolutionary customer experience.

HQ Sales

Once a new customer is booked in your system, HQ Sales is your CRM for lead management, surveying, estimating, email automation, and much more. Another software solution built specifically for moving companies, HQ Sales has all of the tasks that a standard CRM would have for lead management, along with those specific tasks to meet the needs of moving companies – such as SMS scheduling capabilities to automate the tedious task of updating moving crews on their daily assignments.

HQ Driver

All of the MoveHQ products are cloud-based and can integrate with the rest of the MoveHQ suite of products, including HQ Driver. This completely paperless driver mobile app allows your moving company to keep your drivers safe and connected on the road with our industry-leading driver software. HQ Driver features electronic signature/paperless documents, integrated imaging, full support for barcode scanners and many more ways to give our clients true piece-level tracking from start to finish.

HQ Warehouse

You can’t say the moving and storage industry without storage! And we have it covered. HQ Warehouse allows companies of all shapes and sizes to easily manage their inventory remotely from both the warehouse and on-site for projects – with the most widely used warehouse management software in the industry.

If you have a warehouse, HQ Warehouse will make your life easier. Completely customizable to any layout or organization system, our software is built with your needs in mind on a case by case basis. We understand that every project varies widely for every customer you may deal with, that’s why we cater the system to those unique demands, and allow both you and your customers as much or as little access to the database as you want to share.

HQ Management

All of the products in the MoveHQ suite are powerful alone, but HQ Management truly makes this system unique in how it integrates every aspect of the moving process from start to finish seamlessly. HQ Management allows you to make smarter, faster decisions for your moving company with customized dashboards and easy-to-use reporting tools in the most complete move management solution in the industry.

With MoveHQ, no matter where the final destination is, getting there has never been easier.

If you want to learn more, reach out to us and we can set up a full demo for you today!