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What is Updater?

Updater is a technology company that builds powerful tools to help people move to a new home. Updater helps people organize and complete all moving-related tasks, from updating accounts and subscriptions to transferring utilities to booking a moving company, and more.

Updater is dedicated to helping all key constituents in the relocation industry – from the consumer who is moving, to the moving companies helping consumers transport their household goods, to the real estate companies helping consumers find their new home.

Updater has raised over $100 Million and is backed by leading investors, including Fidelity International, SoftBank Capital and the National Association of REALTORS®.

What are Updater’s goals in the moving and storage industry?

Updater is eager to build technology to help great moving and storage companies grow their businesses.

How does Updater make money?

Updater makes money in two ways:

1) Real estate brokerages, property management companies, and mortgage lenders pay a monthly flat fee to be able to offer, and configure, Updater’s suite of moving tools to its clients and residents.

2) Businesses who want to engage with their customers who are moving (whether it be moving companies, utility companies, etc.) can pay Updater to

  • Communicate intelligently with the right consumers at the right time, and
  • Configure Updater’s platform to ease the moving process for consumers.

Updater is not a lead generation platform, and Updater never sells, rents, or shares customer or user data behind their back.

Is MoveHQ sending our customer/company data anywhere?

No. MoveHQ has never and will never send your customer’s data anywhere (including to Updater's platform) without your consent.

What is the Updater privacy policy?

Updater’s strict privacy pledge is something we’re very proud to share. Most importantly, it ensures: We never sell, rent or share your information behind your back. We would only make an exception to our pledge if we were required to do so by law.

Are the IGC/ACI key team members staying?

Absolutely. Every member of IGC and ACI’s talented teams will remain with MoveHQ and in each of their offices in Ohio and Missouri, respectively. Your relationships with IGC and ACI team members will remain exactly the same.

Why is Updater's platform a good option for our company portal?

Have you ever dreamed of being able to offer a technology portal that allows you to communicate in real-time with your booked customers throughout their journey? Sign docs in one place. Text updates. Everything, all in one?

Updater for moving companies – now MoveHQ Engagement – offers exactly that. And, it’s branded and configured for your company.

Millions of customers already use Updater’s platform as the “dashboard” for their move. They were invited into the platform by their apartment community, real estate agent, loan officer, or another real estate professional.

MoveHQ Engagement offers you the opportunity to seamlessly communicate with your own customers in the platform they’re already using to manage for their move.

Why build your own when your customers are already using Updater?

How is Updater able to help market my company’s moving services and help book new customers?

As we stated above, millions of customers already use Updater’s platform as the “dashboard” for their move. They were invited into the platform by their apartment community, real estate agent, loan officer, or another real estate professional.

Consumers use Updater to plan and prepare for a move. They’re also searching for a moving company. But, not just any moving company – they’re searching for a reputable, trustworthy moving company.

Therefore, Updater is uniquely positioned to connect the premier moving and storage businesses with the right consumers, at the exact moment the consumers are starting to look for moving services. Updater’s intelligent matching services will help reputable moving companies grow their business with the consumers who are most likely to purchase.

You'll gain access to these tools through MoveHQ Engagement.

When will MoveHQ Engagement be available?

We anticipate releasing the first version of MoveHQ Engagement within six months.

Interested in reading more about the acquisition?

Inman News, the leading media website for real estate industry news, recently covered our story. You can read more here. 

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