How Molloy Bros. Stays Ahead of the Competition with HQ Engagement

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Rooted in family values and a genuine desire to ease the stress of moving for their customers, Molloy Bros. Moving and Storage has provided dependable service for nearly five decades. Their unwavering commitment to their customers, coupled with their tech-forward approach to professional moving, places Molloy Bros. front and center when offering a personalized moving experience for each customer. We caught up with Stephen Seligson, VP of Sales and Marketing, to learn more about Molloy Bros. and how HQ Engagement is helping them stand out in a sea of both large and small moving companies.

Tell us a little about Molloy Bros. Moving and Storage. What sets you apart from the competition?

First and foremost, we’re backed by longevity. We have been family owned and operated since 1946. Second, our work speaks for itself. Any moving company can rave about their stellar customer service and reliable movers, but we don’t have to. Our customer service is unparalleled, as we treat each customer like they are our only customer. This level of service has lead to excellent reviews. We are top rated by our customers on the Better Business Bureau, Google, Yelp, and even ConsumerAffairs.

We are also affiliated with Mayflower Transit, one of the largest and most prestigious van lines in the country. Small independent moving companies often rely on freight carriers to move household goods across the U.S. But through our network, Mayflower owns the entire shipment process and backs it with 100% replacement coverage and a $0 deductible valuation.

Lastly, on local moves, we provide our customers with six months 0% financing. We understand that when a family moves, they accrue numerous expenses in a short period of time. With six months of interest-free financing, we can spread payments out to ease their financial burden.

What made you decide to implement HQ Engagement?

We had been using Updater Concierge for about three years and it was a true differentiator for our business. We were thrilled to have a “moving gift” to offer our customers and they loved it. Updater was so well received that we could not wait to learn about the other services of HQ Engagement. When we found out what they were, we just had to say yes. In addition to all of the benefits of the product, we love being an early adopter of new technologies. We just had to try!

What feature within HQ Engagement has been the most impactful on your business?

Simply put, MoveIQ increased our business. With little effort on our part, quality reservations come through and they convert more quickly than leads we get from other marketing channels.

Can you walk us through your on-boarding process? Compared to other technologies or services you use, how would you rank the support?

When onboarding any new technology, there is always a learning curve in the beginning. To get the most out of HQ Engagement, we have to understand the back end of the system and internally come up with a process that works for us to seamlessly handle these booked moves. The MoveIQ Success Team has been instrumental in ensuring we get up to speed quickly, while also easing the growing pains and guiding us through the service and how it works.

Compared to customers you’ve acquired either via your own website or via other marketing channels, how do MoveIQ reservations stack up?

To stay competitive in our industry we need to be well diversified. From establishing leads to booking moves, MoveIQ keeps us ahead of the competition and complements the other resources that we use. I would say it is one of our best resources right now – it’s so easy!

How have your clients responded to Updater Concierge? Have you received feedback?

Our clients love it! It is a selling feature on all of our in-home estimates. We provide the one-pager to every one of our customers and they always appreciate a gift that makes their move easier.

What are you most excited about in the moving industry going forward?

I think most industries are currently in a state of change. Many people fear change but at Molloy Bros. we embrace it. Technology helps us to be more efficient and provide our customers with even better service. I am most excited to see what new changes the future brings. There are a lot of exciting changes coming down the pike!