Mesa Moving & Storage Increases Overall Value

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Founded back in 1981, Mesa Moving & Storage has since become one of the top 10 agents in the United Van Lines family. With locations in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho, Mesa Moving & Storage values pride, respect, and trust above all else. To them, relocation is personal; their teams help people move within the same city lines, across the country, and beyond — all while providing the best customer experience possible for every kind of move. We spoke with them about HQ Engagement’s effect on their customer satisfaction and sales process.

How have your customers responded since offering Updater’s concierge for the first time?

Our customers have responded very favorably, and that is evidenced by the stats we get from the MoveHQ team. Moving in and of itself is stressful, and any features and benefits we can offer our customers to minimize this stress (and simplify the moving process) is well-received! Updater’s concierge does just that.


That's great to hear. To that end, how has offering Updater’s concierge affected your customer happiness and loyalty?

Updater’s concierge has definitely been one of the easiest selling tools we’ve used to date! From a sales perspective, it can be a bit challenging to explain all the costs associated with moving, and when we can offer a way to make the move easier — and it’s free to the customer — you can tell they truly appreciate it! The concierge is easy to navigate and provides all the tools for our customers without raising any questions or causing frustration. We’ve noticed customers of all ages are taking advantage of this product — from millennials to our senior community.


What's one way HQ Engagement has helped your company and made the lives of your team members easier?

HQ Engagement has made it easy on several levels. The success team offered to jump on a Mesa sales conference call to explain the product to our sales team, offer best practices in explaining Updater’s concierge to our customers, and even fielded questions from our sales reps to ensure that everyone was on the same page.

We also get a monthly report that gives us all the information we need to see how many customers have engaged with the concierge. We just wish other products we offer our customers involved such a turnkey process when we started using them!


Love that feedback! Why do you think working with MoveHQ has been so successful for Mesa Moving & Storage?

Updater’s concierge is another great benefit to offer our customers, and it's a great add-on for the United Van Lines’s brand. The fact that the concierge is easy to explain, understand, and is truly an essential and helpful, free service all make it a true win for the Mesa team! Plus, the MoveHQ team has been super responsive and great to work with.

Mesa has also been going through a website overhaul; we really admired how the MoveHQ site is constructed and laid out. It was one of a select few websites we used as a benchmark during our Mesa “rebuild”!


Excellent! Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for making the moving process easier and less stressful for our customers!

Be on the lookout for Mesa Moving & Storage's "rebuilt" website... Coming soon!