Meet the MoveIQ Widget – your 24/7 sales agent

Want anyone to be able to reserve their move on your website at any time? Now you can with the MoveIQ Widget.

After filling in basic information and completing an easy-to-use virtual inventory, in minutes, anyone can use the MoveIQ Widget to see live quotes from your company and reserve their move on your website.

The MoveIQ Widget is a 24/7 sales agent, that never stops working for your moving company.

Lead generation forms are no longer enough. Customers want to be able to reserve your moving company as seamlessly as they reserve a flight.


How does it work?

If you’re a moving company in the MoveIQ marketplace (contact us to find out if you qualify), you are given a snippet of code that creates a button on your website.

That button will direct customers to a flow where they can enter their home details and inventory to see instant, live quotes for their move.


This flow is unique to your company, and the user will only be able to reserve your services.

Will MoveIQ Widget work with your current forms?


For now, the MoveIQ tool is available for moves of two bedrooms or less, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture those larger leads. If a customer enters the MoveIQ Widget workflow and selects a move over two bedrooms, the Widget directs the person to the lead generation workflow that you use today.

Creating live quotes in the MoveIQ Widget for all possible moves is right around the corner. Our engineers are hard at work creating a fast, user-friendly experience to simplify that process.

How do you get onboard?

MoveIQ is available for local moves across major U.S. metro areas and expanding nationally over the next few months.

If you’re already participating in MoveIQ, we’re excited about the chance work with you!

Find out more about the MoveIQ Widget, and the full MoveHQ Engagement product, and how you can crush your sales goals with us here.