MoveIQ — the ultimate marketing tool for your moving company

Running the day-to-day operations of your moving company isn’t easy. Neither is running an effective sales and marketing strategy. Attracting potential customers and booking jobs shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. 

Therefore, today we’re introducing a product that will help you do just that. Meet MoveIQ, the ultimate sales and marketing tool for moving companies. 

Created jointly by MoveHQ and Updater – a moving app that helps millions of users complete moving-related tasks and make smart decisions about their move – MoveIQ is an exclusive, invite-only marketplace that allows you to strategically showcase your services to prospective local customers who are looking for a moving company. Those customers are guaranteed to be moving and are searching for moving quotes. It’s no coincidence that we named this tool MoveIQ – IQ stands for “intelligent quote.” 

As a feature within Updater, MoveIQ helps millions of Americans compare intelligent moving quotes and reserve trustworthy moving companies with ease. This serves a simple purpose. The same way a consumer would reserve a flight online – compare options, book a favorite – a consumer is now able to reserve a local move with your company.

MoveIQ graphic

What exactly is MoveIQ? 

MoveIQ is a marketing feature within the MoveHQ Engagement product. If you purchase MoveHQ Engagement, you can then be evaluated to participate in the MoveIQ marketplace.

Moving companies that are invited to participate in MoveIQ are hands down, the best in the biz. These moving companies are rigorously pre-screened and vetted to achieve an “Updater Certified” designation. That designation is created by MoveHQ and Updater working together to identify the best moving companies that abide by the highest ethical standards and consistently provide exceptional customer experience. Being invited to participate in MoveIQ means that you’re one of the most reputable companies in our industry. It’s a badge (literally and figuratively) of excellence.

Updater Certified logo

How does MoveIQ work?

MoveIQ doesn’t change your day-to-day processes, but complements your existing sales workflow to provide a brand new sales channel for you. Think of MoveIQ as a 24/7 salesperson, engaging Updater users about your moving company and providing them with live pricing based on their inventory and service requirements. MoveIQ is an integrative piece of technology that allows you to drive real customers (not leads) to your business from a never-before-accessed audience of consumers. 

If you’re a participating member of MoveIQ, you’ll enter your calendar availability, pricing parameters, service offerings, and service areas into MoveHQ’s software. This information is then dynamically displayed to Updater users directly within their Updater dashboard. Updater users can plan, compare, and reserve moves with the moving company that fits their exact needs.

What will moving companies experience?

Let’s dive a bit deeper. If you’re a participating moving company, this is what you should expect:

  • You’ll fill out a company profile in your MoveHQ account. This profile then lives within MoveIQ and is accessible to Updater users 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that Updater users can reserve a move with your moving company when it’s convenient for them, even if your business is closed for the day (translation: sell while your sales team sleeps).

  • You’ll receive booked customers directly into your sales workflow.

For Updater users, the process is just as simple. Here’s a look at their experience: 

  • An Updater user completes a virtual cube sheet, taking inventory of their belongings.

MoveIQ cube sheet


  • The Updater user will then compare real-time, quotes from participating moving companies that can service their exact move. Updater users also have the option to review the company profile of each participating moving company.

moveiq comparison page
  • Updater users select the moving company of their choice and receive a reservation confirmation.

It’s that simple. MoveIQ — powering the back-end in tandem with Updater on the front-end — makes for a convenient and reliable tool for Updater users to access and reserve only the most reputable moving companies in the industry.

How can I qualify for MoveIQ?

MoveIQ is available for local moves across major U.S. metro areas and expanding nationally over the next few months. 

If you’re already participating in MoveIQ, we’re excited to work with you! 

If not, we’d love to talk. Find out more about MoveIQ, the full MoveHQ Engagement product, and how you can crush your sales goals with MoveIQ here.