Hello, world – we're MoveHQ


It's been years in the making, but we're finally here. We're proud to introduce MoveHQ to the moving and storage industry.

MoveHQ delivers a "lead to cash" ERP and order management system specifically designed for the moving and storage industry. MoveHQ is built for all lines of business including household goods, commercial/hospitality projects, and office and industrial moving. MoveHQ is available on any device, built for the cloud, and is fully-integrated with industry-leading solutions HQ Sales, HQ Driver, and HQ Warehouse (formerly SurveyHHG, MobileMover, and Windfall respectively).

MoveHQ history

MoveHQ is a result of co-development and partnership of two software companies in the moving industry, IGC Software and Asset Controls, Inc (ACI).

Founded in 1999 by Brian Ferguson and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, IGC Software is the leading supplier of surveying, estimating, and sales management software tools for moving and storage companies.

Founded in 1995 by Joe Bippen and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, ACI has built the moving and storage industry’s most trusted and widely used inventory and warehouse management software applications.

IGC and ACI began co-developing software products in 2007. Their first project, MobileMover, became the most widely used packer and driver mobile application on the market. Their next collaboration, the highly anticipated MoveHQ, has been in development for three years and is a new, paperless, full-lifecycle, "lead to cash" SaaS application.

About MoveHQ products

The MoveHQ product will seamlessly integrate with all of IGC’s and ACI’s industry-leading, stand-alone products, including MoveCRM, SurveyHHG, MobileMover, and Windfall. MoveHQ features five modules, of which you can pick and choose the features that your company needs, or bundle them together for the full enchilada. You'd never need to introduce another piece of software. 

MoveHQ has five components for your moving company:

HQ Sales - The most widely-used in-home surveying application featuring offline access, native iOS and Android apps, interstate tariff support, capacity-based pricing, digital imaging, electronic signatures, paperless (and custom) documents, international weight conversions, and multiple language support.

HQ Management - The most comprehensive move management solution featuring integrations, centralization of all tasks and documents related to a move, 2-way SMS texting, ticketing, long distance dispatch, ratings and actuals modules, revenue distribution, and more. 

HQ Warehouse – Implemented by six of the top seven van lines, HQ Warehouse is used to manage any service line a moving company offers, including HHG, hospitality, distribution, record storage, and more. A complete warehouse management system.

HQ Driver – Trusted by seven of the top ten van lines, HQ Driver streamlines order processing on the go. Complete with integrations, digital imaging, typed inventory forms, barcoding, electronic signatures, and piece-level tracking through the entire move.

HQ Engagement – Your go-to customer experience and marketing tool. A fully-integrated opportunity to surprise and delight your customers with the ability to help them prepare for their move and the ability to connect with consumers who are preparing to move and need your services. 

In partnership with Updater

MoveHQ is thrilled to join the Updater family. With Updater's acquisition of MoveHQ, together, our teams can collectively transform the moving and storage industry with a suite of products and services, never before imagined. Here are just a few ideas we're excited about:

  • Updater users will soon be able to more seamlessly book premier moving companies and gain transparency throughout the entire moving process
  • MoveHQ can offer moving companies a more efficient and integrated portfolio of products, such as the ability to communicate with prospective customers and improve engagement with booked customers
  • MoveHQ and Updater will both benefit from each other's industry expertise, partnerships, and centers of excellence

Thoughts from our leadership

“This is a unique opportunity to bring together three great companies, each with first-rate brands and products; we can now collectively leverage our strengths and core competencies, and leverage Updater’s unique position in the industry, to build products that will deliver huge operational efficiencies for the nation’s leading moving companies and as well as a great consumer experience.”

– Brian Ferguson, Co-President of MoveHQ

“The complementary product and market fit of these companies allow us to achieve success at a level that neither company could accomplish on a stand-alone basis. Joining forces with Updater is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for our company and our employees, and I am confident that this will enable us to provide even greater value to the moving and storage industry.”

– Joe Bippen, Co-President of MoveHQ

“We are thrilled to join forces with MoveHQ, as their team shares our vision and passion for developing innovative products that will transform the moving industry and positively affect the lives of millions of Americans every year. This partnership brings together the ‘front-end’ platform on which millions of consumers are organizing and completing moving tasks with the ‘back-end’ software applications that the premier moving companies leverage to run their businesses.”

– David Greenberg, Founder and CEO of Updater