Increase Revenue for Your Moving Company with MoveIQ

What is MoveIQ?

Created jointly by MoveHQ and Updater, MoveIQ is an invite-only marketplace that allows you to market your services to millions of high-intent individuals that are actively searching for professional moving companies.

We know that following two companies and products can be confusing, so here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Updater is a moving app that streamlines the moving process by allowing people to tackle all their moving-related tasks in one centralized location.

  • MoveHQ builds software for moving companies like yours.

Together, we took MoveHQ’s behind-the-scenes pricing features, calendar availability, and more, and built it into a user-friendly moving marketplace that exists within Updater’s app. Updater users can view pricing, availability, reviews, profiles, and more in order to make an educated decision and reserve a mover.

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As a primary feature within Updater, MoveIQ (which stands for “intelligent quote”) allows consumers to:

  1. Compare pre-screened moving companies

  2. Reserve a move for a set price

  3. Request phone or in-person estimates

How does it work?

Think of MoveIQ like a flight booking engine, such as Kayak or Expedia, for example. People come to these sites looking to book flights, and airlines are looking to book passengers. Through the help of these engines, potential passengers can view exact pricing for flights and select the flight with the airline that best fits their needs. MoveIQ works similarly, pairing people that are looking for your services with you directly.


How will MoveIQ benefit your moving company?

25% of all Americans who are moving in 2019 will be invited to use Updater’s app.

72% of them are actively looking for a moving company.  

In fact, users within Updater are five times more likely to reserve a moving company with Updater than go elsewhere.

If your company is displayed within MoveIQ’s marketplace, you will have access to a huge high-intent audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once invited by a property manager or real estate broker, Updater users can seamlessly reserve their move any time of the day, even when your company is closed. A powerful addition to your sales team — MoveIQ works hard for you, even as your sales team sleeps.

How do you use MoveIQ?

To promote your services through MoveIQ, you will create a profile in your MoveHQ account and input some key information about your company. These details include:

  • Pricing information

  • Calendar availability

  • Tariff information

  • Zip code coverage

Once entered, your company is then displayed to Updater users within the app, enabling them to reserve a move with the company that best fits their needs — that’s you! Once reserved, you will be alerted via email to reach out to customers to confirm and book their reservation.

How do consumers use MoveIQ?

The MoveIQ marketplace sits within the Updater app, where consumers can either compare real-time quotes from participating moving companies, view company profiles, reserve a move, and/or request to receive quotes directly from moving companies over the phone.  

When users choose to reserve a moving company online, they enter the specifics of their move, such as where they are moving to and from, home size, and online inventory of the belongings they want to move. MoveIQ recommends moving companies that fit the user’s specific needs. From these recommendations, users can select the company that they’d like to reserve for their move.

How do I get started?

Easy – request a demo today. Tell us a bit about your company and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to chatting!