HQ Engagement Reels in High-Quality Reservations for Bellhops

Since the company’s launch in 2013, Bellhops has grown from a go-to moving solution for college students to one of the biggest names in the moving industry. They currently serve 53 cities across 26 states for both local and long-distance moves and are now the fastest growing moving company in the US. We caught up with the Founder and President of Bellhops, Cameron Doody, to learn more about their experience with HQ Engagement and how the platform assists Bellhops in converting high-quality reservations.

In recent years, Bellhops has taken the moving industry by storm. Can you tell us a little about Bellhops’ decision to adopt HQ Engagement?

HQ Engagement has been a fantastic and reliable tool for us. The platform delivers actual customers who have already chosen to move with us, so by the time we talk to these customers, all we have to do is confirm and book their move.

Can you describe your onboarding experience for us and what it’s been like working with the MoveHQ Success Team?

Onboarding was simple and seamless. The MoveHQ Team walked us through the entire process. It feels like we've been getting the VIP treatment from day one. Even after we went live, this first-rate attention hasn’t stopped. The MoveHQ Success Team makes sure we have all the tools we need to provide the highest quality service to our customers. This makes our lives a lot easier!


Compared to customers you’ve acquired either via your own website or via other marketing channels, how do MoveIQ reservations stack up?

Reservations from MoveIQ convert far better than those from other sources. When we call the customer, there is no need to sell them on our services, that’s already been done for us. All we need to do is schedule them into our system. It couldn’t be easier. It’s less legwork on our part. I think MoveIQ is a great tool to efficiently connect customers with high-quality companies, rather than scattering leads across a slew of sub-par companies, as many other leads sources do.

How have your clients responded to Updater Concierge? Have you received feedback?

We have! A significant segment of our customers forward mail, update utilities or transfer cable/internet with Updater Concierge. They love Updater because it streamlines all of the nagging "to-do’s" that they have to check off their list.

What do you think the future of customer acquisition in the industry looks like with MoveIQ?

If MoveIQ continues to deliver us high-quality reservations like we’re seeing and at volume, it will remain an important channel for companies like us!


Where do you see technology for the moving industry in 15 years? What do you anticipate will be the most obvious difference?

In our opinion, the two biggest issues in the moving industry today are access to high-quality labor and trucking capacity. We believe the future of the industry will hinge on solving these two issues, and that the only way forward was to build a new workforce and logistics management model fundamentally powered by tech to address the issues above.

We view the trucking portion of our moves as a commodity. As long as it shows up on time with the right equipment, and gets your things where they need to go safely, its mission is fully accomplished.

The question that really matters to the customer experience is: “Who is going into your home and literally picking up your whole life?” In order to change the moving industry, we knew we had to attract an entirely new workforce. How did we do that? We offered our Bellhops better pay than the industry, 100% flexible schedules, and gave them the power to endorse who joins their local community of Bellhops. Turns out, you get what you pay for, and empowerment works. The new Bellhops model allows for those things to impact the customer experience in an awesome way.