Introducing Estimate Requests and Three-Digit Zip Code Coverage

We’re excited to introduce two new MoveIQ features to help you connect with more qualified Updater users: estimate requests and three-digit zip code coverage.

After surveying thousands of Updater users, we discovered that over 55% were interested in connecting with moving companies over the phone before reserving online. We also learned that hand-picking zip code coverage prevented moving companies from appearing in all relevant searches.

Therefore, we’re introducing two new product enhancements to help you connect with more users in need of your services and to more effectively communicate with those users.

Estimate Requests

Our data has shown that many Updater users are interested in speaking to a moving company over the phone before reserving. So, we’re introducing a new feature that gives users the option to receive a quote more quickly. Users can choose whether they’d like to receive an estimate from you via phone or reserve their move completely online within Updater (as they have always done to date).


Should users choose the quick quote over the phone, they can select moving companies with availability on their preferred move date. If your company is selected, you’ll receive an email notification with the subject line “New Local Estimate Request” and must reach out to the Updater user to provide a quote.


Going forward, you’ll continue to receive reservation requests as you always have. But, you’ll also receive additional Updater requests from users who prefer phone estimates.

Three-Digit Zip Code Coverage

Many of our moving company partners have requested the ability to provide three-digit zip codes, rather than five, to indicate coverage areas. After a deep analysis of user coverage, we learned that certain Updater users didn’t see available moving companies because the companies’ specific zip codes were not included in that user’s coverage areas.

Therefore, we’re excited to introduce three-digit zip code coverage to help you connect with more users more easily.

Timing and Next Steps

We’re thrilled to help your business cast a wider net and capture more moves within MoveIQ. These new features are scheduled to be released the last two weeks in May.

Your Success Manager will be in touch regarding important billing adjustments and next steps to get you up and running as soon as possible. As always, we’re here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to your success manager here.