Daniel's Moving & Storage Extends Their Services


Daniel's Moving & Storage knows relocation. Since 1978, the've honed their offerings to provide packing, storage, local and long-distance moving, and even international transportation services. Beyond their commitment to teamwork and a hands-on approach to improving the customer experience with every move, Daniel's Moving & Storage was looking for a way to set themselves apart from the competition. We spoke with Beverly Bell, the Executive Vice President of Sales at Daniel's Moving & Storage, about adopting HQ Engagement and what it takes to get (and stay) ahead in the moving industry.

Since offering Updater’s concierge for the first time, how have your customers responded?

Very favorably. Some of the responses I have had to Updater’s concierge are: “This is a nice tool” and “It’s about time someone thought of something like this; it makes perfect sense." We see a genuine interest in the features offered by Updater’s concierge.

Has offering Updater’s concierge affected your customer happiness and loyalty?

Being able to offer potential customers a one-stop shop approach with Updater’s concierge can be the difference in closing the sale right in the home versus having them take time to make a decision. If a customer can focus on the services we offer and not get distracted by the other factors involved in relocation, it helps them come to a decision about our proposal faster. And then they can focus more on their families and their jobs.


Absolutely. What's one way Updater’s concierge has made your team's everyday operations smoother?

Today’s most successful salespeople and organizations know they need unique ways to stand out, particularly when it comes to selling. In this day and age, it's harder and harder to differentiate based on what you sell because products and services within the moving industry are becoming increasingly alike. Updater’s concierge offers our company a unique advantage and helps us separate ourselves from the competition.

Why do you think working with Updater’s concierge has been successful for Daniel’s Moving & Storage?

It gives us another way to market our services and be unique in our industry. We can now add it to our list of differentiators.

How would you describe your overall experience working with MoveHQ and your very own Success Manager?

Working with MoveHQ has been a great experience. The team provided our offices with a detailed presentation explaining the benefits of the program. Since then, we have received HQ Engagement guides and all kinds of promotional materials. The promotional materials have been very helpful during in-home presentations of our relocation proposals for residential services and for our real estate partners.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I would like to add that we are excited to be partnered with MoveHQ and look forward to the working relationship going forward. The feedback we have received from our initial presentations with customers has been very positive.